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update photoToday marks the 2 ½ year anniversary of Dodger’s rescue.

I think the word that applies is “serendipity” as in making desirable discoveries by accident or good fortune or luck. And I think that is how you explain that Dodger (originally known as Pat) is laying down in my living room.

On Sept 14th I was part of a group being given a tour of a large shelter in New York City. During part of that tour we were shown the hospital and vet care area. There in one of the bottom cages was an 11 year old abused, neglected, injured and broken dog. He was starving to death, had the worst case of matted coat I had ever seen and pressure sores the size of a silver dollar on each of his hips.
We never imagined that he would be still with us 2 ½ years later and we are grateful for ever one of those days. His will to live played a large part in his survival and recovery. But without the dedication and care of Dr Steven Immerblum and his entire staff at Golden’s Bridge Vet Care Center we are sure that this happy result would never have happened.

Some then and now photos showing his remarkable recovery


As we approach 27 months of having Dodger in our lives I thought I would post a quick update-he is GREAT. The combination of diet, medications, supplements and medicated baths has kept his 2 diseases under control and he has a wonderful life- and he makes us smile.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who played a part in saving this wonderful dog. There are tens of thousands of people working all the time to save animals and through their efforts (although some times we are a bit over the top) thousands and thousands of dogs and cats are saved every year. To that vast network of rescuers, supporters, donors, shelters and rescue groups and on behalf of Dodger and what he has come to mean to so many of us- “The dogs thank you, the cats thanks you, the shelters and rescues thank you and I thank you.

Dodger lining up for dinner last night (with Dusty and Dora)

Dodger lining up for dinner last night (with Dusty and Dora)

And after a delicious dinner what is better than a nap in front of the TV?

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It has been a while since I posted an updated on Dodger so I thought you should all know he is still doing great. Almost 2 years since he was saved he is going strong and having a great life.
A combination of diet, medicated baths, supplements, medicine (ATOPICA) and great support from his care givers has allowed Dodger to return to a normal and happy life. We cannot thank Dr. Steven Immerblum and his entire staff enough for their dedication and care of Dodger over these last 2 years.
Dodger has been a joy to be with and we are so glad he has been able to spend his senior years in a safe place surrounded by people who care for him.
For those of you who have forgotten what he looked like when we pulled him in Sept of 2012-check out the photos or click thru the various posts until you get to the beginning of his story

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The Halo Pet Food Company, owned by Ellen DeGeneres, made a substantial food donation in Greenwich CT to the Shelter & Rescue Partnership IN HONOR OF DODGER

This years theme is the “Inspire Tour” and as part of that effort Halo picks a pet who has a special, inspirational story in that area-Dodger is tickled pink to receive this honor.

From the Halo Press Release
“At each Kibble Drop location, 5-8 shelters will receive a substantial food donation in honor of a special, inspirational story in that city. At the Greenwich stop, donations are being made in honor of Dodger, an abandoned, senior dog who seemed like he’d never know happiness again…until John Iannuzzi of the Shelter/Rescue Partnership and his wife adopted him. A year later, Dodger’s thriving and enjoying his golden years in bliss.”

His transformation has been remarkable and we are so happy that his story has been an inspiration for so many people and has resulted in rescues and shelters receiving the donated food from Halo in his honor.

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Today is the one year anniversary of us pulling Dodger off of death row and getting him to our vets.  It has been a challenging year but I am glad to say that we finally have come up with a combination of food, medications, supplements and weekly medicated baths that seems to have his auto immune and skinl issues almost completely under control.   He is a happy little guy who gives us much joy.  He has become portrait worthy and his portrait will be framed and be added to out “rescue Wall of fame”



This photo taken today seems like he is giving me a “Thank You”kiss


A number of people have asked if I could post a photo of Dodger when we first got him in Sept 2102 and what he looks like now- as you wish

dodger 09 17 2012 017


After a horrific April of problems and heart break I am happy to let you all know that Dodger is doing great.
After we thought we lost him on 5 separate occasions in early April he has responded and is just super. He collapsed 5 times within 21 hours (2 seizure like and 3 just fell over as in complete exhaustion). Turned out to be a deadly reaction to a drug which caused a heart arrhythmia (he was on a heart monitoring halter for 2 days) we took him immediately off that drug and his condition stabilized then we put him on a drug for his heart arrhythmia and he reacted badly to that as well. We decided (and it was not easy) to stop all meds except his Atopica and within 3 days he was back to “normal”.
For those about 10 days we were on pins and needles. Since those episodes in early April he has never had another episode.
His skin is 99% improved with little or no dry patches. He is just a great buddy and has completely settled into his new life. He has a new trick. When we are having something to drink he taps his bowl with his paws so he can get some.
He has now been elevated to a “portrait worthy” status and went for his “sitting” on the 18th. Should have the portrait back in early July
Here are a few recent photos