Dodger Arrives at Westchester Humane Society

Dodger arrived with 2 other rescued dogs at about 2pm on Monday and was greeted by volunteers who quickly loaded him into an SUV so he could be transported to Goldens Bridge Veterinary Care Center ( to be examined and treated by Dr. Steven Immerblum and his marvelous staff.

Upon initial exam here is what we found:

1)      nails were 1 ½ “long and some were embedded in his paws

2)      his dewclaws had curled in on themselves

3)      he has dental issues

4)      his matting was among the worst case his care givers have ever seen.  It took them over 1 ½ hours to remove about 90% of it and to give him a series of baths.  His skin had more sores and  missing skin than could possibly be counted

5)      30-35% underweight

6)      major loss of muscle mass effecting his ability to walk and maintain his balance

7)      and of course the two huge open pressure sores

He was in so much pain that he could not straighten his legs or stand up straight

This is his back as they were removing his matted and bacteria infested coat

Matted coat almost gone

 And during his first bath (of 3) – it took that many to get all the dirt off

Slow and steady

Watch for antother post tomorrow mornin