Original Shelter Photo

Dodger’s Story-Every Dog Deserves a Chance (even seniors)

I think the word that applies is “serendipity” as in making desirable discoveries by accident or good fortune or luck.  And I think that is how you explain that Dodger (originally known as Pat) is laying down in my living room.

On Sept 14th I was part of a group being given a tour of a large shelter in New York City.  During part of that tour we were shown the hospital and vet care area.  There in one of the bottom cages was an 11 year old abused, neglected, injured and broken dog.  He was starving to death, had the worst case of matted coat I had ever seen and pressure sores the size of a silver dollar on each of his hips. Who wants to try and save a dog like that?  The time and effort to nurse him back to health (we were not even sure that was possible) far outstretched the ability of most rescue groups.  So he was scheduled to be euthanized on Sept 16th.

For some reason wherever I went in that room he followed me with his sad eyes. It was like a magnet – we never broke eye contact.  Although the group rescued other dogs this poor guy was not originally one of them.  After we left and for the next 18 hours the image of that dog and the look on his face and in his eyes haunted me.  The prognosis for his survival was not very good but for some reason that was not the main issue.  Someone threw him away like an old pair of shoes. To die alone and in pain.  IF it was his time we just wanted him to die with a little dignity, not in pain and surrounded by friends.  So The Westchester Humane Society (www.westchesterhumanesociety.org) agreed to save the dog and my wife and I immediately adopted him.

Say hello to Dodger (and yes he did dodge a bullet) and stay tuned for updates.  Some of what you will hear and see will break your heart and some of it will make your heart smile.