We go up twice a day to visit and interact with Dodger.  We go on short walks and he is starting to show a “spark”.  Sniffing everything and exploring his new world.   When I got up there this morning I was amazed to see Dodger just walking around (more like hobbling around) the clinic with other dogs.  Game old boy. Weight is up to 38.3 pounds. Back part of his body is very weak from muscle loss and atrophy but we have him walking mulitple times a day to buld up muscle mass. This is a work in progress

He is on a ton of meds & supplements and gets daily mediated baths.  Eating & drinking is great. 

He is super frightened and fragile.  The only parts of his body that do not have some sort of open sore is the very top of his head and the lower part of his front legs.  So, for now, that is where we physically interact with him.  It hurts US to touch him.  Before his entire back was encrusted in blood and dead skin but now the skin is beginning to heal.  He will most probably have a lot of scarring (who cares) when he recovers.  The physical issues are being addressed with ever increasing progress the psychologically issues will take a lot of time (which fortunately we have).  Trust is not a commodity he has a lot of right now. 

Remarkably his blood and urine tests came back relatively normal; heart and lungs are fine.

Out and about- He is wearing two protective coats-first one is to protect his raw body and open sores and the top one is to give him some warmth