After discussions with Dr Immerblum it was decided that the best place for Dodger to spend the weekend was at our home. We got him home around 6pm Friday and set up his own little enclosed pen with his orthopedic bed and enough space for his food & water bowls and for him to get up and stretch. He settled in for some well-deserved rest.  Spent the weekend eating, sleeping, walking, getting familiar with the house and our other 2 rescued dogs (11 & 12 year old Aussies). 

Everyone is beginning the process of getting accustomed to a new member of the pack.  And just like that Friday night when I say him at the NYC shelter and his eyes would follow me everywhere I went, he does the same thing here.  His getting comfortable and to the point where he trusts us is going to take some time.  Wagging his tail happened for the first time Sunday night.  I had him free in the living room and he partially jumped up on to the couch.  He does not have the rear body strength to get all the way up so I gave him a hand. He snuggled his head into the palm of my hand when I sat with him.  Getting him back into his pen for the night was a challenge. This little guy has a mind of his own.

 Monday he goes back to Dr Immerblum for 1) reassessment 2) bath and 3) for his own personal fitting for customized pants.  Dr. I is going to create something for him to wear to provide additional protection for his pressure sores-from things getting into the sores, to collect any oozing and to provide some additional padding for his comfort.    All things considered he is doing very well.

A week ago I did not think he would make it.