Introduction to our two other rescue dogs is progressing -one is totally fine (Dora pictured) and the other one is a little jealous (Dusty)


Medically – Good news and so so news

Good news is he is making great progress. Dr. Immerblum and his staff are very happy with the progress he has made in one week.

Dodger spent most of the day up at the vets-another medicated bath; more nail trimming; gentle grooming to remove dead skin and more treatment of the pressure sores and skin.  His paws have not improved at the rate we would have liked so this adds another area that needs TLC. Photo below shows him after a bath and with medication applied to a pressure sore.   If you look closely you can see the red raw skin in some places and then on top of his back where the skin has started to repair. Remarkably his coat has started to grow back.


After discussions with his care givers we have come up with an expanded treatment plan.  Dodger will be going to the vet every day for the next 7-10 days probably 4- 5 hours a day.  The depth of his pressure sores and the extent of his raw skin both require a level of care better administered by Dr Immerblum and his staff.  There are multiple things being applied to various parts of his body in specific order and for specific time frames.  His recovery is at a critical stage and we do not want to take ANY chances that we might inadvertently miss something.

When he gains more weight and strength we will be in a better postion to determine how to proceed with  X rays and dental work -he is simply to fragile at this point

Every night he is home with us

Will post again at the end of the week to give everyone an update