Tuesday  Sept 25th

The vet team thinks he continues to make great progress and has improved twice as fast as they had originally hoped.  Daily treatments for ear flaps, feet, skin and pressure sores will continue for the rest of this week.  It is hoped that by Friday they will be able to apply a “second skin” covering to his pressure sores which will really speed recovery.

Photo shows the old guy (bandage is to protect open sore on his chest) with Eve and Lisa Immerblum going over treatment and progress.


When we got home we give him off lead time on the property so he can get more comfortable with his surroundings.  He then took me on an off property walk for about 1/4 of a mile.  What began as a sniff and stroll (walk 2 feet stop to sniff, walk two feet stop to sniff, you get the idea) end with him almost breaking into a trot.  He is great on his lead-no pulling and responsive to direction.

This is part of his muscle rebuilding treatment.  A little farther every day and then we move on to up and down hills.  He is starting to really act like a dog and is becoming more interactive every day.

Wednesday Sept 26th

Before he went up to Dr I’s for his daily spa treatment we went on 1/2 mile walk which included a few inclines and one steep driveway.  He had a blast (and so did I).

He is getting 14 daily doses of various meds and supplements plus numerous wound spray applications during the day.  Eating 3 times a day- Evangers Duck canned with ground up Canine Caviar Venison plus 2 tablespoons of100% Pumpkin plus Welactin (skin/coat supplement).

I stayed with him for the skin treatment part of his care. WOW what a process. 8-9 different steps involving all sorts of different medications, creams, sprays and treatments.   Some photos during part of his treatment.  Turns out his undercarriage was even in worst shape than his back.  10 days in and numerous areas of red raw skin and sores.   Hence why he is going for daily visits to the Dr. Immerblum.


 Pressure sore and chest sore being treated with honey in first step of the 8-9 steps in the process


The vet team is super happy with his progress.

Lisa (Immerblum) & Holly –two of his care givers after we loaded Dodger for the trip back home


 I cannot begin to imagine the amount of pain he must have been in 10 days ago.

 10 days into treatment and on all sorts of meds, supplements, creams, gels etc.  and it still freaks me out to see and touch his skin.  How can anyone leave an animal in this condition and in so much pain? It will probably be another 4-6 weeks before the pressure sores close and scab over and his overall skin condition starts to resemble a normal dog.

When we got back he took me on another ½ mile walk (so 1 mile total today) which is very important for his overall strength, mobility, muscle regeneration and overall mental health.

Thursday Sep 27th

He was up at 8am, ½ mile walk and huge breakfast. He is getting up and around better with each day

His back is healing however where there are sores on his undercarriage,  joints and skin folds is presenting a challenge.  Need to find the right balance between medicating those sores, protecting them while allowing air flow across the sores.  Because of the way he sleeps they are not drying out and staying soggy (a no no).  Also as you can image where ever he has a joint or skin fold sore it is constantly moving because he moves.  Today they fashioned a vest for him (check out the name on the vest) to protect and medicate his chest sores.


 One of the pressure sores has developed a “pocket” and that will have to be addressed tomorrow when he goes back up.  “Pocket” is where the new growing skin is not adhering/binding to the old skin.  They have covered up the other pressure sore with a “second skin” which will keep it clean and accelerate repair.

Back at 3:30 and took another ½ mile wake at a very brisk pace-no more sniff and strolls for him

2nd meal at 4pm –we have now added some servings of pasta to increase his carb intake. Check out all three dogs lining up for dinner (notice no one is on a leash)


 6pm- 3rd 1/2 mile walk of the day for a total of  1 1/2 miles today