Part 7

Friday Sept 28

He was up at 8 am and out for a ½ mile walk. Back for breakfast and then we gave him a little free time and he checked out all the beds and settled on this one for a snooze-

Stayed there until around 10am and then back up to Vet for treatment and assessment of his pressure sore problem.  Took swab culture and should have results tomorrow (Sat).  When I got back to pick him up he came flying across the room and into my arms-Dr. Betty (2nd Vet caring for him)shed a tear of joy.

Will go back up tomorrow (Sat) and Sunday for more treatment.

Back at 3:30 and off for another ½ mile walk, then dinner and a snooze

Another walk (this one .65 miles) at 6pm and then another meal and round of meds/supplements

Then more free time .

Saturday Sept 29th

Last night he had his first night out of his pen. Slept on a bed near the couch and I slept on the couch (just in case)

A little slow on the start to the day-slept in until 8:30am then off for his ½ mile constitutional; nice breakfast and then a little hang time with Dusty (11 year old Rescued Aussie). Trust me this is remarkable-Dusty can be a little difficult.

Back up to Doctor I for his daily treatments. Photo shows Dr. I and some of the weekend care givers as they prepare for Dodgers treatment routine.

Yesterdays culture of his open pressure sores indicate no bacterial growth which is super.  Will continue current treatment and watch them like a hawk.  They changed his vest/bandage and treated the sores on his chest.  Dr is very happy with Dodger’s progress.  Pressure sores on his hips are continuing to close.  In the first 13 days they have closed about 30%.  Estimated that it will be another 4 weeks before we may get full closure

And yes this is a lot better than 13 days ago-no where as deep and the skin is regrowing

Had three additional walks  (the last one was with the entire pack -2 adults and 3 dogs)-total distance today was 1.85 miles-he will stay at this distance until early next week at which point we will try and get him up to 2 miles+ a day (this is harder for me than for him)

He is definitely is getting stronger and more mobile.  On the 16th he could barely walk (as in one or two steps) and could barely stand.  Getting up from a lying position was almost impossible.  And when he did he most often stumbled.  Now he gets up with very little trouble and we can see the increase in his weight and muscle mass.  We get him up and out 6-8 times a day.  His toughest time of the day is when he first gets up (mine too) and late at night when he is tired.