Part 8

Sunday Sept 30th

Nice relaxing day.  Four 1/2 mile walks today

He really gets tired around 7pm and settles in for the night.  I think he is older than 11 but no one knows for sure. Whatever time he has left he will spend in comfort and peace.

Monday Oct 1st

Spent most of the day up at Dr. Imerblum’s and they continue to be pleased with his progress.

Before we headed up

Check out his new bandage/vest which is being put on to treat and protect what we now are convinced is a pressure sore on his chest (keel).

The 3 Amigos hanging out (me with Dodger & Dusty)


Tucked in for the night

He gets a break on Tuesday and has the day off. Back up to Vet on Wednesday for some extensive skin cleaning/exfoliating.  Most of the sores on his back have healed and there is a need to remove any remaining dead skin so that he can complete that part of his recovery and his coat can grow back.  Both pressure sores on his hips are improving and both are now covered with patches.