Tuesday Oct 2nd

Rainy and damp day; only one walk; quiet day; damp weather really bothers him

Wednesday Oct 3rd

Boy can this guy sleep –slept for 14 hours with occasional licking spurts during the night.  Head strong is an understatement but that is also what probably gave him the ability to survive.

Because the weather was bad yesterday we did not get out for all his walks and it showed this morning when he got up.  Could barely walk-the rain did not help his arthritis any.  Took him about 10 minutes to straighten up and walk normally (or normally for him)

½ mile walk and then off to Dr I’s for his spa treatment-he knows that when I pop open the back of the SUV he is going for a trip and waits for me to lift  him into his crate

Good news is the pressure sores on his hips are making great progress and closing up and the skin on his back is improving with each day and he continues to gain weight

Not so good news is the sores on his chest and legs are not improving as fast.  Changed his antibiotic and he is wrapped like a mummy.  Vet staff treated his skin and coat to remove all the dead and scaly material and he is so much softer and much more comfortable but this is going to take a while to resolve. 

  The shelter where we found him (NYCA ACC) did a little section on his rescue in their October newsletter.  This is the photo they used


 Has Thursday off and goes back up on Friday for more treatments

 Thursday Oct 4th

Tired old guy slept unitl 9am today

Then up and out for a 1 mile walk and then breakfast and meds

Over the last two days he has been sampling the various beds that are all over the house-can’t decide which he likes best- 4 down 4 to go-everything he sleeps on is covered with bed pads because as long as the pressure sores are open there is some oozing occuring (that is a good thing)-

Took another 2 walks for 1more mile and a day total of 2 miles

He heads back up to Dr I in the morning for another medicated bath and skin cleaning and continued treatment of his sores- we are now going every other day rather than daily

He is showing some signs of relaxing but just barely and although he follows me around like a puppy he is still very apprehensive and nervous.  This is going to take months before he is relaxed and sure of himself in his new home.