Part 10

 Friday Oct 5th

Back up to Dr. I’s for his spa treatment

Progress continues with top skin getting much better on new meds and the pressure sores on his hips are now about the size of a dime.  Both pressure sores have second skin patches and his chest is wrapped again.  Based on his progress he wil be going to Dr I’s 3 times a week for a while down from the almost daily visits.  Hope is that this will go down to weekly in about 10 days-

Walked totaled about 2 miles today

Saturday Oct 6th

All the bandages and patches have stayed on which is a good thing but we hit a bump in the road-after about 7 days of free roam he has decide to urinate in the house (has happened 3 times).  This is a new behavior and may have something to do with his medications. Until this is resolved he is free when we are with him but he is in his pen (4’ x 4’) when we our out or overnight.  Besides his walks and trips out to do his business he basically just hangs out on one of the beds he has or sleeps-Ah what a life.

Today his walks totaled just under 2.5 miles

Monday Oct 8th

Back up to Dr I’s.  Pressure sores are really doing great but the skin on his chest is not responding to treatment or at least as fast as they would like.  IF they do not see more progress by then end of the week then we will have to biopsy that part of his skin to see if there is an underlying issue which requires a different approach. The raw areas are persisting even though the haired areas are improving. A dermal punch biopsy can be done with an analgesic and a local-this will rule out allergic dermatitis, vs staph dermatitis, vs fungal,  vs strep dermatitis, vs mycosis fungoides vs other..

 His increased consumption of water (and the resulting increased urination frequency) is also a little unsettling so we took another blood sample and urine sample for analysis.

Results on tests came back: chem panel showed resolution of low albumen level, cbc showed resolution of elevated white cell count…urine was dilute, with inactive sediment and +1 protein…sent a microalbuminuria assay to check for any true increase in urinary protein loss…that result should be in by Thursday


Wednesday 10/10th

Back up to Dr I’s

 Medicated bath, nail trim, sore medication and exam by Dr. I.

 Dodger was wearing an Elizabethan collar to stop him from constantly licking. But that caused a minor issue.  He shakes his head and the scabs on his ears were knocked off and bleeding started.

 Hard Collar

So we are now trying a soft protective collar


We will see if this improves the condition of his skin if yes great if not then we will go to the biopsy punch

 We are now getting to the point where we MUST address the issues with his teeth.  Excessive tarter and at least one (possible two teeth) which may need to be extracted.  We are waiting until next week to let him gain some more strength.  Discharge from gum line.

None of this is good for him and it adds to his pain/discomfort

 Sedating Dodger will be necessary and we will all need to keep our fingers, toes and eyes crossed when this happens.  There are no other options.  This will probably be done some time late next week and if the skin has not improved we will also do the biopsy punch at the same time and while he is under we will take some x rays of his hips.  Will see if that shows anything that is treatable.

Eve has been curious (as have many people) as to what breeds Dodger might be so we did a DNA test.  Results in 2 weeks