Thursday Oct 11

Excessive Drinking & Urinating Issue has arisen

 Urine is dilute but no signs of inflammation (otherwise normal). Polydipsia may be from medullary wash out…will have to restrict water consumption gradually (reduce by 10%) over a few days to attempt to re-establish a normal concentration gradient-water intake total today was 58 ounces

Walked total of 2.65 miles and had his first continuous one mile walk

Specific gravity 10.0 (should be 10.30)

Friday Oct 12th

Reduced water intake to 52 ounces and increased to 4 meals a day at 7 ounces of food per meal-not gaining weight. 

Specific gravity 10.1

Sat Oct 13th

Urine sample to Dr I

Will maintain his water intake to 50 ounces for Sat & Sun

Will get Dr another urine sample on Monday and take another blood test to determine kidney function

Check ou his new sporty coat

Out on Family walk

 Sunday Oct 14th

 Catching some needed sleep

3 one  mile walks (all time record) 

Monday Oct 15th

1 mile walk

Back to Dr I for urine analysis and blood work (to determine kidney function)

Biopsy punch will be done on Tuesday- by process of elimination it is starting to have an increased possibility of lymphoma

Medicated bath and treatment of sores

Tuesday 16th

No food in anticipation of surgery

1 mile walk

At vets at 12:30, 2 vets and 3 support staff prepared to handle his various procedures

Blood work normal

I was with him when he was sedated; Iterbated in aniticpation of potential dental extraction

I was the last thing he saw before he closed his eyes 

Dr B was addressing teeth issues while Dr I was addressing skin and biopsy issues

 Dodger is back home-he did great under sedation

 He was treated by both vets (Dr I And Dr Betty) and 3 lab assistants during the 1 1/2 hour procedure


cleaned and two teeth were re enameled and repaired-luckily they did not have to extract those teeth- Dr I said under all the tarter his teeth and gums were actually in great condition


– x-rays taken; he has hip dysplasia-which is causing the giddy up in his walk; can be treated medically or surgically- for now we will go medically and  will determine feasibility of surgery down the road


they took 4 biopsy punches and sent samples to Georgia for analysis and recommendations-micro review indications are that it is not bacterial or fungal; can range from drug reaction to lymphoma- all potentially treatable (if not curable); results back next week; on temporary steroids

 Will go back daily for next week to get bandages redone; wrapped like a mummy again

 Dr Steven Immerblum and his wife Lisa with Dodger just before he headed home