Nov 5th Monday

 Just back from Dr I for Dodgers first visit in 10 days-great improvement

Dodgers chest sores are all healed hence no more oozing so we can actually hold him now

The sores on his “armpits” are about 75% improved and should be gone in next 2 weeks

He has gained weight and is now 40 pounds

Prednisone is being changed to every other day as we make the transition to see if the Atopica is having the anticipated effect on his auto immune disease

His ears have improved significantly from what was hard cracked leather to soft glove leather

His skin is still flaking and peeling but almost all of the ulcerated areas have resolved

Body condition score is 4.25 out of 9 (low side of normal)

Got a medicated bath today

And he is starting to really act like a dog

Super interactive and interested in everything-laser beam

Hurricane Sandy Pizza Party

Follows us around like a puppy dog

He can actually sit now (could not do that before)

Jumps up and lays on the couch


Goes up and down the 5 steps that lead to the back of the house

 Sleep in the master bed room with us at night 

 Hangs with the other two dogs

His coat is coming back in stages

-his head and front half of his body it is growing in full and consistent

-on the back half of his body (and rear legs) it is spare and weak fur-this is also part of his disease which might get better as we get further along in his treatments

 Looks a little like a lion

 He has gone from daily visits to Dr I to what will now be once every two weeks

 So I think we have reached a point that unless something significant happens Dodger is basically a dog again-no longer in a life threatening situation- and just with a number of old age things that can be managed and cared for.  So the posts will be few and far between

 To all of you who put Dodger in your thoughts –we thank you

 You can’t save them all but we were able to save Dodger