Part 15 –   3 month Progress Report

 We now have Dodger for 3 months and he continues to make progress-although slowly.  He gets up and down the stairs, jumps up on the guest bed for a nap aqnd hangs with our other 2 rescues

 We are still making adjustments to his meds (for his auto immune disease) but he does continue to make slow progress-Dr Immerblum calls it healing from the inside out.  He sees Dr I every 2 weeks for bath and assessment

The difference in Dodger over the 3 months we have him is remarkable 

Check out the differences in his eyes

Sept 14th

 Dodger Sep 14 2012

Check out his eyes on Dec 7th

Dodger Breed Certificate


Check out his posture and back on Sept 17th

dodger 09 17 2012 002


Check out his posture (he has a straight back again) on Dec 7th


He is interactive, alert, full of fire and head stong

We did an DNA test on him because a lot of people were curious

 Seems he is mostly Belgian Malinois and Border Collie

 Check out this link to see his photo in the DAN gallery and read about his makeup and type in Dodger in the dog name box

Thanks for you interest in Dodger