Part 16- Winning the War

Sorry for the delay in posting a new blog-we were waiting for good news

Early January

All things considered Dodger is doing great. He is up to 43 pounds, his coat is coming back in like gang busters and his is just an absolute joy to be around. He makes us smile every time he “shimmies” his tail. So nice to see him happy and comfortable

However he has developed another skin issue. The EM auto immune disease is under control (using Atopica) but his skin has developed many areas of crusty patches. This could be an old underlying issue that was masked by the EM auto immune, a reaction to a drug he was being treated with, or any series or combinations of issues. He underwent three biopsy punches. Will be sent out for analysis and hopefully we will have the issue identified by sometime next week.

Feb 26

Dodger is doing marvelous

His autoimmune disease (EM) is under control and we have begun the process of weaning him off (or at least to a much lower dose) of Atopic

The biopsy results indicated multiple strains of Staph within the crusty skin patches, but not on his skin, and he has responded magnificently to the antibiotics and almost all the dry patches are gone.

Check out his back and coat on 9/17th

matt 3

Check out a month ago

Check it out today 2/26

Eventually we will wean him off the antibiotics. At that point we will have to monitor him for both the EM and the dry patches. He will continue to receive weekly medicated baths-

His coat and skin are almost back to normal and he can be petted, touched and held

His coat is back with the exception of 2 areas of scar tissue on his back. The hair on his nose is finally starting to come back in. The tail will be the last part of his body to get the coat back

Check out nose and face on 9/17 (notice no brown shades)
Dodger Sep 14 2012

Check out last month


Check out today

He is a happy go lucky dog that constantly makes us laugh and smile (and with me that is not easy)

Last night he jumped on our bed (all by himself) and slept there the entire night-occasionally looking to make sure we were both still there

For those of you who have never had the ability or good fortune to rescue and rehabilitate an old sick dog-you have missed out on one of the great pleasures of life

Hopefully Dodgers blog has provided you with a chance to gain a little insight into the challenges but also the great joy that saving a broken dog like Dodger can bring.

To all those who have followed his battle to become a dog again and to those who have cared and treated him

Dodger thanks you and we thank you