After a horrific April of problems and heart break I am happy to let you all know that Dodger is doing great.
After we thought we lost him on 5 separate occasions in early April he has responded and is just super. He collapsed 5 times within 21 hours (2 seizure like and 3 just fell over as in complete exhaustion). Turned out to be a deadly reaction to a drug which caused a heart arrhythmia (he was on a heart monitoring halter for 2 days) we took him immediately off that drug and his condition stabilized then we put him on a drug for his heart arrhythmia and he reacted badly to that as well. We decided (and it was not easy) to stop all meds except his Atopica and within 3 days he was back to “normal”.
For those about 10 days we were on pins and needles. Since those episodes in early April he has never had another episode.
His skin is 99% improved with little or no dry patches. He is just a great buddy and has completely settled into his new life. He has a new trick. When we are having something to drink he taps his bowl with his paws so he can get some.
He has now been elevated to a “portrait worthy” status and went for his “sitting” on the 18th. Should have the portrait back in early July
Here are a few recent photos