The Halo Pet Food Company, owned by Ellen DeGeneres, made a substantial food donation in Greenwich CT to the Shelter & Rescue Partnership IN HONOR OF DODGER

This years theme is the “Inspire Tour” and as part of that effort Halo picks a pet who has a special, inspirational story in that area-Dodger is tickled pink to receive this honor.

From the Halo Press Release
“At each Kibble Drop location, 5-8 shelters will receive a substantial food donation in honor of a special, inspirational story in that city. At the Greenwich stop, donations are being made in honor of Dodger, an abandoned, senior dog who seemed like he’d never know happiness again…until John Iannuzzi of the Shelter/Rescue Partnership and his wife adopted him. A year later, Dodger’s thriving and enjoying his golden years in bliss.”

His transformation has been remarkable and we are so happy that his story has been an inspiration for so many people and has resulted in rescues and shelters receiving the donated food from Halo in his honor.

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