It has been a while since I posted an updated on Dodger so I thought you should all know he is still doing great. Almost 2 years since he was saved he is going strong and having a great life.
A combination of diet, medicated baths, supplements, medicine (ATOPICA) and great support from his care givers has allowed Dodger to return to a normal and happy life. We cannot thank Dr. Steven Immerblum and his entire staff enough for their dedication and care of Dodger over these last 2 years.
Dodger has been a joy to be with and we are so glad he has been able to spend his senior years in a safe place surrounded by people who care for him.
For those of you who have forgotten what he looked like when we pulled him in Sept of 2012-check out the photos or click thru the various posts until you get to the beginning of his story

dodger 09 17 2012 017 dodger 09 17 2012 034 matt dodger 09 29 2012 003

DSC07745014 DOdger 04 06 2014 (2) dodger and spca 014