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update photoToday marks the 2 ½ year anniversary of Dodger’s rescue.

I think the word that applies is “serendipity” as in making desirable discoveries by accident or good fortune or luck. And I think that is how you explain that Dodger (originally known as Pat) is laying down in my living room.

On Sept 14th I was part of a group being given a tour of a large shelter in New York City. During part of that tour we were shown the hospital and vet care area. There in one of the bottom cages was an 11 year old abused, neglected, injured and broken dog. He was starving to death, had the worst case of matted coat I had ever seen and pressure sores the size of a silver dollar on each of his hips.
We never imagined that he would be still with us 2 ½ years later and we are grateful for ever one of those days. His will to live played a large part in his survival and recovery. But without the dedication and care of Dr Steven Immerblum and his entire staff at Golden’s Bridge Vet Care Center we are sure that this happy result would never have happened.

Some then and now photos showing his remarkable recovery